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The 'Monday Movie Roundup' Hall of Fame

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:05 am    Post subject: The 'Monday Movie Roundup' Hall of Fame Reply with quote
The HIH Monday Movie Roundup Hall of Fame!

EDIT: DO NOT POST HERE! I don't want this thread to get out of control and what not, thank you.

Hey guys, this is the place where you can see all the skilled movie/montage makers that have been stared in our roundups. Awesome job to those of you have made a good enough film to get into the roundups. It's just kind of cool to see how far we've come in film making over the past 3-4 months. So feel free to download any of the movies/montages I have listed to re-visit some of the good old movies/montages.

Oh, and let's not forget the applications myself and Trombone submitted, man they were bad, lol.

Here is The Trombone's Application:

Oh, I apologize. I think you edited your post to include the mock movie roundup after I posted, and unfortunately, I can't edit my posts, so I have to post again. So without further adeui:

High Impact Halo - Movie Roundup

Campaign Tricks
A lot of the same threads are still hanging around, and squelching out the new ones, but here is a fresh submission from deathremains. I personally enjoyed these videos.

Multiplayer Tricks
A few quality jumping videos have brought us into the new month. Jumping seems to be filling up a lot of space in the Multiplayer Tricks forum, and this week has something to show for it, with videos such as Jump Mayhem Episode 2 - Back To Acention and an exceptionally well put together video from Clan Hops. Hops Episode 3 has a good variety of jumps and is an overall solid video.

Also, the launching to the top of the Relic tower continues. A few videos, such as this, and this show how close people are to getting this. Keep trying noble launchers!

Halo Movies
This a refreshingly creative addition to the Halo Movies sections, where McLrn227 builds a nightclub rather than a fort...Interesting.

Also, there is a montage posted by SUICIDEB0MBER,KAMAKAZI'S latest and GREATEST Montage Montage, which shows off some pretty good gameplay.

That's about it for this week.

Here is my application:

Hey guys what's up? Maker here with my first every weekly movie round up! First off I would like to mention a spectacular Trailer that caught my glimpse not too long ago, Project 117. It had an amazing story line, and an outstanding filming job!
Project 117 Link: www.treeskunk.com/movies/Project117trailer-1.wmv

Next off I'd like to take a look at one of the montages that absolutly blew my mind this week! And that outstanding montage was done by Kamakazis. In this montage he showed an amazingly great use of editing. It had all sorts of different crazy kills, such as: Sticks, No-Scopes, Double Kills, Triple Kills, Killtacualars, and Kill Frenzys!

Kamakazis Montage Links:
low res - http://useruploads.mythica.org/view.cgi?f=Kamakazis_Montage_Low_Res.wmv

low res - http://media.putfile.com/Kamakazis-Montage-Low-Res

med res - http://rapidshare.de/files/5765785/Kamakazi_35MEG.wmv.html

hi res - http://files.filefront.com/Kamakazis_Montage_Hi_Reswmv/;4206846;;/fileinfo.html

And one last video that I'd like to mention before I sign off is XYPHER's new preview to Dimension X Season III. Once again Mr. XYPHER has impressed us all with another outstanding video. It should an amazing use of video editing and voice editing. The filming job was amazing, along with the acting, overall, this video is just plain great!

Dimension X Season III Link:

I hope you enjoyed the Weekly Movie Round Up, and all the videos it had to offer.

Week 1:

DOOM Teaser

Metal Gear Solid

Halo Noobs 3: The Final Run

Week 2 Movies:

Omg A Fish's Montage II

PraetoriaGuard Episode 4- Polly Want A Cracker

Dignacker's Montage

Ravapalooza 2- Bring Back the Rave

Ravapalooza 3- Unnamed Rave

Ravapalooza Clan Match

Out Post Episode 10

Titan_x_RaAaPeZz's 4th Montage Preview

Week 3:

Auspex Episode 1
Auspex Episode 2
Auspex Episode 3
Auspex Episode 4
Auspex Episode 5

Halo 2 Mombasa

Dot Sardine Montage
Link 2

Week 4:

Hell Quarters: Bravo 115

Soldiers on Fire
Link 2

ha10fr3ak's Montage

Week 5:

Hell Quarters: Jonathan Quail

Rise of the Elites: Episode 2 *Trailer*

The Matix: Lobby Shooting

Week 6:

Rise of the Elites: Episode 2

BullXRape Montage

Week 7:

Hell Quarters: Blood Spilled Redemption

Titan VII Montage 4

Week 8:

Ravapalooza 4: The Acolypse

My Anti-Drug

Last Man Standing: Part One

Week 9:

PraetoriaGuard: Episode 5

Abnormality 2

Halo Instincts Maps

I Feared I's Montage Trailer

Mission Impossible III

Week 10:

Fxgrdp117's Montage

Havoc Trailer


Omg A Fish's Lates and Greates Montage

Week 11:



Project 117

Legendary Episode 1: The End is Near

Flames69's 3rd Montage

District 13 Trailer

Week 12:

lK4l Massacre's Montage RaPe

Dot Sardines 4th Montage

Week 13:

Legendary Episode II: Prelude to Eternity

Omg A Fish's Best Montage

Hiro's Final Montage Preview

Titan's Triple Threat Montage

Oh So Beautiful 4

Apocylapse: The End is Here

shadowsnipers Montage Preview

Out Break Trailer

Chaos on the Creek

Week 14:

The War Series: Episode I

FPS Doug

HIN Episode II

HIN: Mix

Whoa, that took a long time, lol. Enjoy the movies, and congrats to those of you who have gotten your movie/montage put in the Monday Movie Roundup!


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