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First, credit links:

Here are direct links to the videos. I've got an awful headache and lots of work, so I haven't gotten around to updating my website (I have a TON of new videos that haven't been converted & posted. ) ...

Bottom of Sacred Icon (as described in the HBO post above):

Bottom of Oracle (woohoo!):

Ways to survive long drops:
1) enemy riding (as shown here)
2) riding corners ( http://maphawk.ontv.com/utfoo/trixty/[10]Sacred%20Icon/longdrop.htm )
3) lunge ( http://ducain.org/hihforum/viewtopic.php?t=884 )

Someone mentioned using explosives (rocket launcher or plasma cannon shot against a wall) but I have yet to see a video, can anyone confirm that?

EDIT: The server might be slow at times, but it *should* hold up. If you have trouble, try refreshing. I'll write a walkthrough for the Oracle exploration... the 'Sacred Icon' exploration already has a nice walkthrough posted at HBO (see links at top of page).

and Phantom, uh, I don't know the name for the little robots... the guy at HBO calls them constructors, and that name sounds good to me.


Sacred Icon Tip- Keeping the robot from flying out from under you requires that you push him against the wall (it might be possible to go down without touching the wall... but I wasn't able to.) So after you've gone down a little bit, take a small step forward(away from the wall)- you will move to the wall, and if the positioning is good, he will try to fly out from under you but he won't be able to.

Oracle Walkthrough-
(easy difficulty is best)
1) Get to the first outdoor area. Kill your friends.
2) The path forks left and right around the central structure. I go right, I don't know if the sentinels spawn on the left path. Kill all the heretics you encounter.
3) You will probably get a checkpoint before reaching the sentinel area. You want a checkpoint close to the sentinels because this will probably take many attempts.
4) As you near the end of the outdoor area, three sentinels should spawn to your right. Kill any remaining heretics, don't go inside, don't kill the sentinels.
5) Backtrack, luring the sentinels back with you. They won't follow you down the ramp. Go down the ramp until they won't fire at you. They should be waiting at the top of the ramp, and slightly off of the ledge/walkway.
6) Turn on your active cammo and run up the slope. The sentinels should remain in their positions, off the edge of the walkway but close enough for you to jump on top.
7) Jump on a sentinel and ride it to the bottom.

It is hard to give advice on *how* to ride it... I try to center myself on top and a little to the back. I then try to ride so that I am always sliding slowly to it's front, and I constantly step towards it's rear to counteract the sliding. It will spin sometimes, and I try to turn to re-orient myself in a front-back alignment. Good luck!




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