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Kitchen Sink

Special thanks to duckie for listening to me complaining about this for the past two weeks.


The idea for this stunt came from two different sources:

1) from the recent "enemy riding" tricks that had been performed at High Impact Halo. Here are some earlier exploits of my own, and here are some others: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

2) from a common multiplayer trick, sword-cancelling. :) Here's an example news link, but there are a ton of videos out there regarding this trick.

The enemy riding tricks demonstrated that the elite rangers tend to float in-place, and when you are riding them they drop very slowly and don't cause any trouble. My original wild idea was to create a sandwich with the elite on top, a jumping spartan in the center, and a sword-canceling spartan on the bottom. The elite would turn the reticule [reticle] red and allow the two spartans to sword-cancel to the top of the MAC gun just like in multiplayer. This idea may have worked, but I have no idea because while I was experimenting I noticed that the sword-canceling spartan could sword-cancel AND jump. Multiplayer trickers probably knew this, but it was news to me.

The trick itself is simple- sword cancel (B,X,B,X... quickly) underneath the elite ranger and jump (A) while underneath him. Jumping bumps the elite upwards and backwards very slightly. The problem is that this trick requires extreme speed with the button pressing coupled with patience because the player only moves inches with each jump.

I can't sword-cancel and jump for hours on end; my hands would fall off. To solve this problem, I left the task of sword-canceling up to a macro controller. I'm a purist when it comes to this stuff, and I still feel a little dirty about this. My rationalization is that no game data was modified & most people can get their hands on a macro controller.

Extra stuff used:
XNote Stopwatch (http://www.tucows.com/preview/244659.html)
MadCatz Control Pad Pro (http://www.madcatz.com/MadCatz/product_details.jsp?product_id=4526#)

This took many attempts. It took a while to get used to the trick, but eventually I was able to reach the top three times in a row. The first two times at the top, I fell to my death because it is very hard see where you are going to fall when you are only able to look up. The third time at the top, I survived... barely.

I timed the successful attempt; it took approximately 8 hours and 11 minutes.

I will add instructions between the videos and pictures. Here we go...


First, to get a sword in easy difficulty on Cairo, you should pick up the Thunderstorm skull (further instruction here.) Program the macro controller as follows: B,X,B,X,... for as many presses as it allows. My controller allowed for 32 button presses. I attached the macro to the Black button.


Setting Up

After arriving outside for the second time (with a sword in your inventory) kill the two flying elite rangers and leave the turret gunner alive. After the elite has been triggered to fly, push him to the ramp and position yourself underneath him facing away from the MAC gun (as seen in the picture below.)


Take Off (Look at him go!)

Begin sword-canceling and jump to bump the elite upwards. Try to time your jumps so that you aren't flying wildly around. You should be flying away from the MAC gun because the elite flies diagonally.

The following series of pictures shows the hourly progress. (Player 2 is standing above the entrance to this area, over the airlock):


Hour 1


Hour 2


Turning (2hr45min)

To turn, just hold left or right on the left thumbstick. I turned a little early. You can estimate where the character will go according to where the reticule is pointing. The path is diagonal and you can gain height and delay horizontal movement by zig-zagging. (The character has control over the horizontal direction of the flight, but the flight is always vertical.)


Hour 3


Hour 4


Hour 5


Hour 6


Hour 7


Hour 8


It Doesn't Get Much Closer...

I don't know a better place to land. Going for the arch on the left caused the elite to go crazy (see down below) and I couldn't go any further. Going for the silver cylinder would probably work too, but not being able to look down makes the landing risky (but you would be higher than me;)

The reason this spot is good is because the non-solid wall is lower here than it is to the left. If you try to get above the wall to the left, you will be higher and the fall is likely to kill you.

The following videos show some exploration of the top...


Checking Things Out


Across The Gap


Yellow Explosion Effect


...and here are videos demonstrating some hazards from an earlier attempt...


Twitching Angry Elite

I don't know why this happens. The twitching makes it hard to move anywhere, and the elite is suddenly very mean. I had to turn back, and after turning the corner (seen below) the elite calmed down.


Too Close for Comfort

The elite crossing through the non-solid wall means the reticule turns blue, which is bad. This is the reason for not just riding the elite up the gun.

And finally...






"H.B.O. is my Anti-Drug™, what's yours?" 


Explore, explode, excite!


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