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Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column




Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration #1

Getting out of the PoA in a couple seconds...

with FrogBlast (and his Digital Camera... sorry...)


This trick is incredibly simple:  Run back into the cryo-tube before it closes.   

That's it.  The lid will push you into some very strange places...  with this trick it is possible, with some careful jumping, to get in some places that you aren't supposed to be. If you crouch inside the tube before the lid closes, you can see the headless model of the master chief used in the intro cutscene.  The following are pictures resulting from this exploit...   


Inside the cryo tubes....  notice the # of master chiefs...


Movie: Under the Floor


Nothing much here...


Underneath the cryo tube...


Movie: Getting out of the PoA


Way up in the ceiling.


Movie: Getting to the Control Room


In the Control Room.


Very high up... planning on going farther in the level...

Checking out the level...


In the room next to the control room.

Single dead guard next to black doorway.


On the move... walking on lights outside of the map.


On the other side of the doors where the technician died.


Inside the room with the crazy hoses and fire. Not supposed to be here...


Movie: In the Fire Room


In the room with the two elites... Not supposed to be here either...


Movie: They're Breathing... But not Moving


Continued: Cryo B Exploration #2

Exploring after the loading zone, light fixture jumping, and catching the first glimpse of space. 


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