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on top of Foundation

Have a Halo 1 trick or glitch to show off? Here's the place!

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on top of Foundation

Postby eru the one » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:37 pm

you must use dreadnaught mode to do this.

go into base number 1 (the one with the spinning fan in the top).

use a rocket and nade jump to get up into the fan alcove, then another to get through the fan.

and you're on top of the level.
eru the one

Postby WaLLa » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:39 pm

yeah its cool its really easy as well
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Postby [-TLG-]FØx¥grÄÑdpå117 » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:54 pm

you can use just a sword to get on top also
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Postby Pkabooicu » Sun Nov 14, 2004 2:14 pm

Yes, use walla's way....cause thats just ingenious :wink:
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Postby Bustled » Sun Nov 14, 2004 2:50 pm

Walla's way owns.

And I only used one rocket, and not the nade. :wink:

Good job though.
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Postby The_Janitor » Mon Nov 15, 2004 10:24 pm

Wrong thread buddy..
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