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Frozen Grunts (4)

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Have you found and messed around with a frozen covenant?

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Frozen Grunts (4)

Postby ialsolovebees » Wed Nov 24, 2004 10:28 am

I was playing on Assault on the Control Room on Heroic the other day and when I got to that little hallway right before you go out onto that bridge where you can steal the banshee and fly right to the end of the level I was confronted by 4 grunts. I was trying to see how fast I could beat the level so I just jumped over them and kept going. As soon as I got past them the Level Subname thingy appeared on the bottom of the screen (I COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR DADDY was it's name I think). But when I jumped over them they just froze. So i turned off the timer and threw a frag 'nade into their midst. They just stood there, but their guns and unused grenades bounced all over the hallway. I then threw a plasma grenade onto one and it just absorbed into his head and left a little stream. I then put plasma grenades on the other 3 grunts to no avail. So after that I put all my Needler Ammo (120 shots I believe) and they just sat there, glowing. I wanted to see what they looked like from the front but as soon as the "Loading......Done" thing came up they just started to bounce around the room, especially the one I had shot with the needles. He didn't come down for probably 15 seconds. I know this has been done with Elites before but what about grunts? or Jackals?
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