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Unlimited Camo in Master Chief levels (Pics)

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Postby LoadedDice » Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:51 am

that's awesome!
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Postby Agamemnon » Wed Nov 24, 2004 9:07 am

Funkmastaeric wrote:I think I'll be to one to answer some more questions as they come up. (By the way, I'm so glad we can all do this now. I was getting really sick of getting sniped on legendary.)

munkey106 wrote:If you turn off your xbox, do the effects go away?

How do you get the effects off?

The unlimited camo mode does not follow the behavior of any skull. It is a power - a glitch of it's very own. Meaning if you saved your game with infinite camo and restarted your xbox, you'd still have infinite camo until you finished the level you're on. Then you'd reset back to plain ol' you.

Agamemnon wrote:I have no idea where the checkpoints actually are.

That's a good dilemma. Let me give everyone some grounds on when to turn on their camo before the checkpoint.

Armory = Activate on the words "just remember, take things slow" (not like you'll need it on this level anyways.)

Cairo Station = Activate camo when screen starts to change from normal to widescreen and the words "Home Field Advantage" are displayed.

Outskirts = After the words "they'll regret that too" show up, wait around three seconds, then activate camo.

Delta Halo = Activate once your buddy yells "Sir!" at you. Be quick about this, because it's the first thing that happens in the level.

Gravemind = Activate camo at the start of the level. Just like delta Halo.

High Charity = Activate when Cortana finishes her first sentence. I usually activate around the words "intended vector".

As for all the other levels I didn't cover? Well, good luck.

awesome thanks for the little list of em man this is gunna be usefull
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