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Post any and ALL Halo 2 trick discussion here.

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Postby Ducain » Wed Sep 29, 2004 5:57 pm

I thought I would post a few of these to keep everyone informed. I'll add to this from time to time.

1. Who is this Ducain character, and what does he have to do with HIH?

Answer: Ducain is Jeremy Hunt, a 30 year-old Halo fanatic who loves tricks and tinkers with web stuff for fun. Oh, and HIH is my little project. ;)

2. Are signatures allowed here?

Answer: Nope. I disabled them sometime back just to keep down the conflict and to help 'un-clutter' the place.

3. What about avatar images?

Answer: Yes, you can have avatar images, but I ask (that's politeese for 'demand') that you keep your images to roughly 100x100 px. If you post an avatar that's bigger than that, I'll probably delete it.

4. Who's in charge around here (well, other than Ducain)?

Answer: Goatrope and Dark Helmet are the other site admins. They have full administrative authority, and have pretty much free reign to moderate the forums as they feel necessary.

5. Are Halo tricks the only thing you guys talk about?

Answer: Well...ya, pretty much. This isn't meant to be an 'all-inclusive' Halo site. You've already got the best in the business (HBO) for that. This site is dedicated to tricks. As a matter of fact, anything you post on our forum that doesn't relate to Halo tricks needs to be noted with an *OT* (off-topic).

6. What are the basic rules around this place?

Answer: There aren't many. Here are a couple of them:

A. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated here. None. Zero. Rudeness and impoliteness aren't allowed to exist here. Flaming= deleted posts or bannage. Hang around awhile, and you'll see. 8)

B. No political or religious conversation will be tolerated here. None. Zero...well, you get the point.

C. Absolutely no adult content on HIH. Anyone who posts porn or the like on the forum will receive a permenant ban.

All the rest is pretty much common sense. You'll pick it up soon enough.

7. What on earth are these titles under the names? Greenhorne?

Answer: The titles are based upon post count, and are just for fun.

Here they are, in order from least to greatest according to post count:

Greenhorne: 0
Veteran: 50
Old Hand: 350
Forum Freak: 750
HIH Fanatic: 1200

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