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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Shade Jumping

The name says it all...

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Shade Jumping

Postby Juggertrout » Sat May 22, 2004 5:19 pm

OK, here we go:

The good thing about Shade Launching is that you can get higher with less grenades than it's Warthog equivalent, and it has more options.

Firstly, kill your marines or a number of enemies in one spot. Your grenades need to be fairly close together for this to work. Park your Shade over the grenades so that they are under the leg opposite the gun turret. They need to be a bit inside the Shade than outside, but in that general position. Just one plasma grenade under the Shade is enough to launch you fairly high. But I always try for two or more. Stand on the gun turret and throw a plasma (although i've done it with both frags and the plamsa-frag combo and got it to work) half under the Shade to one side of the turret, just as it's about to explode, leap in the direction in which the plamsa will throw the shade and press 'x' rapidly. If done right then the Shade will force you upwards. If not you will die. It is possible, so keep trying.

The Far Launch is what I use to get onto the T&R plateau on my 'Advanced SP Shade Jumping' vid. All you have to do is throw the plasma where the grenades actually are. As usual, jump back and press 'x', the shade will be thrown sideways towards you, and you will fly off in a diagonal motion.

To Turret Ride the Shade, simply put the Shade directly over the grenades. Then throw the grenade under the Shade and jump up while pressing 'x' as usual. This time though, the Shade will fly up vertically and you will be able to enter it.

Good places to Shade Launch:

--- At the beginning of AotCR you can cause a mass slaughter at the opening door. This is where I performed the first ever Shade Jump.

--- On T&R, get past the first area the whip out your assualt rifle and go though the small cliff side with the drop on your left. A large amount of grunts will come past, allowing you to kill them quickly and make the drop up to six grenades.

--- On some of the later levels, you will encounter black elites. Kill one and sometimes they can drop up to seven grenades. You know what to do.

A Chronological Videological Archive Of The Shade Launch:

'Juggertout's Shade Jumping Vid' - Juggertrout

This was the first vid showing that trick, few thought it could seriously be done, but I managed to lauch myself through a ceiling on AotCR. The link can be found on under the aforementioned title.

'Practical Applications Of Shade Jumping' - Dark Helmet

This vid was posted a few days after my vid, showing two new methods of using my Shade Jump. Annoyingly he got more credit than I originally did. Grrrrr... The link to his vid is here: ... ead=419519

'2nd Floor Of The Maw Hangar' - Dark Helmet

SP Shade Jump up to the 2nd floor of the Maw hangar. This time, he deserved the credit. Link to vid at under '2nd Floor Of The Maw Hanger (Single Player) by Dark Helmet'

'Halo Renegades' - Juggertrout

More of a mixed vid than a Shade vid. But it showed the first Turret Riding aswell as Shade Jumping - minus the actual jumping. Just flip the Shade from the ground and get in. Yes it is hard. Link at under 'Halo Renegades by Juggertrout'

'Shade Jumping On Keyes' - Ducain

Ducain's first real Shade Jumping vid. He gets on top of Keyes and various other places. Just go to *shock* and then to 'Shade Jumping On Keyes, Single Player'

'Advanced Shade Launching' - Juggertout

With Ducain and Dark Helmet back to Warthogs, it left me in the position of 'Where more can I take this?' Well I did some very big Jumping on T&R, then a Shade Jump on 343 Guilty Spark, the last level un-jumped. Link at you know where, under the title 'More Shade Launching by Juggertrout'

'Shade Experiments' - Juggertrout

The latest Shade Jumping vid. I did two Shade Jumping experiments here. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to go from here.... Link:

Well that concludes the ultimate SP Shade Jumping Glossary.

Goodbye and happy Jumping!


*note Ducain, if you feel like hosting my latest vid, that's cool, but I don't really care.*
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Postby Sol » Tue Oct 26, 2004 8:23 pm

Keep trying, or try launching a different way, like flipping the shade over, getting on one leg and jumping and flipping before blast. You should be able to get it so it goes right side up at you as it goes up.
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Postby Grim Reaper » Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:33 pm

It also helps if youre already on a higher distance when the shade goes off, like a tree, or a edge of something. When the explosion happens, you wont take damage if youre lucky, and when you come off the ledge, or whatever youre on, if it's just right, BAM! Fly high little birdie...
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Postby Meatwad2552 » Tue Nov 02, 2004 8:14 pm

Shade launches are really fun. From the beginning point on T&R, my friend and I launched all the way to the landing platform like in Ducain's "Bottom of T&R" video. We tried shade jumping in AoTCR with around 60+ grenades and ended up hitting the ceiling from down at ground level, it was hilarious.
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Postby Sol » Tue Nov 02, 2004 8:21 pm

That was Ms. Man who made the Bottom of T and R vid, but good job.
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