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The main problem with grenade launching to the top of the MAC gun in 'Cairo Station' is the lack of checkpoints. I'm sure someone will find a way to bypass this problem... but in the meantime I decided to just make due with the checkpoint that is triggered as the player enters the outdoor area for the second time.

The general launching method (not specific to Cairo) was suggested in two parts by Ms.Man. First: use no objects and no vehicles by grabbing the Sputnik skull and the Black Eye skull (which allows you to charge up your overshield by meleeing to death.) Check HIH for instructions on how to find those skulls. --->

The second suggestion was that you can move grenades into a tight pile by shooting them when Sputnik is active.

I also had the Catch skull active. This skull often causes enemies to drop two plasma grenades when killed. This helped to increase the # of grenades available. The pile contained 7 frag grenades & 16 plasma grenades.

The pile was built against the door that opens to the outside. If you don't bring both players into the airlock, the doors will not close and open, and you have plenty of time to build a grenade pile. The grenades were then packed together by shooting them.

Of course, not building the pile all-the-way outdoors means that there was a slight overhang over the pile. The launching was restricted to a diagonal path. Movies 1 & 2 show exploring areas that could be reached. Movie 3 shows the launching process itself (and reaching the yellow vent.)


Between Yellow Vents #1 & #2


Exploring the Yellow Vent


Making Due with the Checkpoint Shortage







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