Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column


Glitches, Tricks and Eggs

Easter Egg, Glitch and Trick List 1/28/02

Press X ... 2/2/02

Downed Banshee on Level Two 2/2/02

Sea Life on Silent Cartographer 2/2/02

Assault on the Control Room Pelican 2/2/02

Staying in the Pelican... 2/08/02

The Beam that Kills 2/14/02

Rockets... In Search of the Hippo 2/14/02

Banshee Flare 2/14/02

Assault on the Control Room Descent in Single Player 2/19/02

Tank and Grenades... In Search of the Hippo 2/19/02

The Sniper Rifle... In Search of the Hippo 2/19/02

The Ball... In Search of the Hippo 2/21/02

The Shotgun... In Search of the Hippo 2/21/02

Outside the Maw 2/24/02

Plasma Bounce 2/26/02

Frozen Elite Jump 2/26/02

Warthog at the Beginning and End of Assault on the Control Room 2/28/02

Warthog on the Pillar in Assault on the Control Room 3/2/02

Maw Time 3/2/02

Banshee Switch 3/2/02

Killing the Wraith Pilot 3/8/02

343 Guilty Spark at Rest 3/8/02

Madrigal at the Beginning of AotCR 3/11/02

Lights & Loading Zones 3/11/02

Telefrag 3/11/02

Bridge of Bodies on Silent Cartographer 3/14/02

Teleporting Elite in AotCR 3/15/02

Half-way Frozen in AotCR 3/15/02

Halo Exploration #3: Vehicle Jumping 3/20/02

On Top of the Blue Beam Tower 4/8/02

Getting Out of the Maw 4/8/02

Speedy Banshees in Keyes 4/16/02

Trying to Ride the Bridge Pelican Down in AotCR 4/16/02

In the Walls, Through the Doors 4/19/02

Slowing Down Time in Halo 4/20/02

Multiple Grenade Jumping 4/29/02

The Maw Slide 4/30/02

Avoiding Checkpoints 4/30/02

Co-op, a Rock, and a Hog 4/30/02

Big White Ball of Sparks 5/7/02

Master Chief Flipping 5/8/02

Three Guns 5/8/02

Out of Maw III 5/8/02

Strange Glitch in Level Two 5/13/02

Hidden Room in Chiron TL-34 5/14/02

The Skip Most of the Shaft Game 5/14/02

The Climbable Display Screen in PoA 5/14/02

The Maw Slide Redux 5/14/02

The Hunterapult 5/14/02

Trying to Get to the Bottom of Halo 6/6/02

Getting Marines On Top of Silent Cartographer 8/24/02

Grenade Jumping Out of Battle Creek 8/24/02

Through the Silent Cartographer Door 8/24/02

Grenades and Voids 8/24/02

Overshield Falling 8/24/02

Freezing the Blue Beam in Halo 8/24/02

Crazy Banshee 8/24/02

Shade Jumping to the Top of 343 Guilty Spark 8/24/02

Grenade Launching 8/24/02

Painful Cutscene in Truth and Reconciliation 8/24/02

Light Sensitive Grunts 8/24/02

Color Glitch in 343 Guilty Spark 8/24/02

Strange Bodies in 343 Guilty Spark 8/24/02

Grenade Dissolve at Loading Points 8/25/02

Surfing Silent Cartographer 8/25/02

Flood Jumping 8/29/02

Unlimited Ammo in Single Player 8/29/02

Glass Jump on Assault on the Control Room 8/29/02

Gary, The Trigger Happy Marine 8/29/02

Maw Elevator Glitch 8/29/02

Glowing Squares of Blood 8/29/02

Reversing Loading Zones 8/29/02

Telefrag Jumping 8/29/02

Cyborg Shower 8/29/02

Getting On Top of Damnation Under Normal Conditions 8/29/02

Marine Roundup in 343 Guilty Spark 8/29/02

Grenade Skippin' 9/4/02

Changing the Cutscene, Using Vehicle Entry 9/4/02

Green and Red Panels in Assault on the Control Room 9/4/02

Covenant Shield Jump 9/4/02

Marines Riding Ghosts 9/18/02

Wraith in the Control Room 9/18/02

Red and Green in Assault on the Control Room Pt.2 9/18/02

Door Glitch on Two Betrayals 9/18/02

Messing with the Assault on the Control Room Cutscene 9/18/02

Playing the Maw with the Attention Message 9/18/02

Popcorn from Hunters 9/18/02

Flood Stacking 9/24/02

Simultaneous Cutscenes 9/24/02

Crossing the Gap in Keyes 10/2/02

Triggering Two Pelicans in Halo 10/2/02

Red and Green in Halo 10/2/02



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