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The day after Thanksgiving, a post turned up at High Impact Halo regarding a "Scarab Gun." The gun had been found in the offset list for Metropolis. Some modders then located it on top of one of the sky bridges in Metropolis. They located it by switching the Warthogs in the level with Banshees.

Many people went in search of the gun using non-modded means. By morning today (the day after the day after Thanksgiving,) at least two people including myself had discovered separately how to get a banshee into the second half of Metropolis. This is a big indicator to me how much the tricking community has grown since Halo: Combat Evolved.

Ok, so on to the goods...

To get a banshee into the second half of this level:

1) Lure a banshee into the tunnel, and lure the banshee into the loading area (past the circle on the floor and as close as possible to the tube entrance.)

2) With the player who crosses the loading zone (in case you are on co-op,) make sure that you have the 'press x' message for boarding the banshee... and make sure that you will have it as you back up a few inches and cross the loading zone.

3) Now cross the loading zone and board the banshee.

-If you board the banshee prior to triggering the load, it will explode.

-The banshee remains for a second or two after the load before vanishing, so you need to be quick.

4) You can fit a full-sized banshee through the tube with a little trial and error. The entrance and exit are the parts that seem to cause the most trouble.

The scarab gun is located at the center of the first sky bridge.


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