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This box is the box filled with baby flood at the beginning of 'Oracle.' I know they aren't really sea-monkeys, please don't send me angry letters- "They aren't monkeys!"

Here is the method I used to get inside...

1. Before the checkpoint that occurs soon after the level starts, run inside and kill a grunt. Swap your sword for his plasma pistol.

2. Swap the plasma pistol you are holding now for the white elite's sword. The idea is to remove this deadly weapon from his grasp. Hopefully the checkpoint should occur somewhere around here.

3. Kill the other grunt to make your friends into your enemies. Sometimes they will still remain your friends... if this happens then try killing an elite.

4. Now walk around the right side of the box (facing towards the next room) trying to lure your enemy-friends after you and around the side. Cloak, and head to the other side of the box.

5. Here's the important part: Jump up on to the higher ledge on the side of the box. If you stand and walk forward you shouldn't fall off. After you are on the ledge, you can just stand there and you shouldn't fall off. (I say this important because this is the only positioning that seems to work well.)

6. Now equip your sword and try to lock on to an enemy through the box. Now try to lunge at the enemy. You can lunge faster by pulling Right Trigger quickly and tapping 'X'.  If you are lucky, you should lunge into the box!  I've found this works better standing still.

Video 1 shows everything I've mentioned above...


Cutting My Way In


Quality Time with the Monkeys


So, you can't chop them up or shoot them. However, they do seem to respond to grenades! The movies below provide single player and co-op views of their interesting response to explosives.


Monkey Launching


Co-op View of Seamonkey Blasting






"H.B.O. is my Anti-Drug™, what's yours?" 


Explore, explode, excite!


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