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Halo 2 (2004- )
Tricks & Glitches


Halo (2002-2003)
Strange, Odd, Weird
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Kitchen Sink


The skulls I had active were Sputnik, Black Eye and Ghost. I suggest you use Sputnik to assist with grenade jump distance. Check HIH's skulls guide for more info--->

While searching for hidden items in Delta Halo, I came upon this...


What is that!?


A closer look.


It sure reminds me of the switch in Zanzibar...


I wonder if it works like the switch in Zanzibar!


Unfortunately, the switch is floating pretty far out in the middle of nowhere.

Here's how you get to the switch:


Make sure you are armed with one of the swords found near the envy skull. To learn the location of the envy skull, click here or visit HIH --->

Also, make sure you are carrying a rocket launcher, and try to be carrying a full load of grenades.

Play/run through the level normally until you reach the end of the level. You should have a working sword, a bunch of grenades, and an empty rocket launcher.

Now do a RL/Sword Lunge to the top of the nearest structure, and then do another lunge to the tower to the right...


Tower Hopping


(Credit where it is due: the idea to RL/Sword lunge into this area comes from a Dark Helmet video.)

To do a RL/Sword Lunge: Get an enemy in your sights with the rocket launcher (the sight needs to turn red) and press 'Y' to switch quickly to your sword. Then quickly press Right Trigger. This tricks the game into thinking the sword is locked on to an enemy, allowing for a long lunge. You see me switching quickly (tapping 'Y' and Right Trigger) because this trick can often take many attempts to accomplish.

After you have flown to the second tower, climb up to the next floor. I use the second player for a boost. Then, kill the player with the grenades to create a pile of grenades that you can pick from. Be careful with Sputnik on, because the grenades can easily go flying off the edge if you don't aim down.


A Pile for Multiple Jumps


Now that you are in position, here is the simple but difficult part: You need to do a single-grenade jump from this position to the switch. I want to mention, again, that I had the Sputnik skull activated.

I suggest using a frag grenade. Plant it at the very edge, back up quickly and move forward off the edge. Jump at the very last possible moment. If you get enough distance, you will need to be holding 'X' to activate the switch.

If you are lucky, the "Hold X to open gate" message will appear, and if you are holding 'X' you should hear an clanking activation sound.

If you aren't lucky, the grenade pile & player 2 are there for multiple attempts. If you are very unlucky (like I was) you will probably need to repeat this whole process several times, but that's why I've tried to make this as simple and direct as possible.


Hold 'X' to open the gate


What gate!?


The Activated Switch


Now... what did it do?





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