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Kitchen Sink


Dark Helmet posted a video similar to the second movie shown here. He didn't show how he managed to get spawned outside the elevator when it crossed the loading zone (if he in fact used a box like me, it wasn't shown in the video.)

The method I worked out trying to re-create the trick involves hitting a covenant ammo box into the elevator and placing it near-centered in the middle of the elevator. Basically:

1. Activate the Sputnik skull. The skull allows you to push boxes around easily. To find out how to activate the skull, visit HIH's Skulls forum --->

2. Push a covenant ammo box into a glass elevator. I find that it is easiest to push the box in when it is not resting on its wide face. Use a grenade to try to get it to land on a thinner face and then melee it in to the elevator.

3. I've found the best results come from pushing the box a little more than halfway into the elevator. The placement shown in the third film is better than the placement shown in the first. Hitting the box while looking down helps it to only move forward slightly.

4. Go around to the front and activate the panel from outside the elevator.

5. Walk back to the door, go in, then back out to trigger the door to close and the elevator to start moving.

6. Wait for the elevator to cross the load point, and hopefully you will be spawned on top of the elevator. Allow it to drop a little, and then move over to a ledge and remain there as the elevator continues to drop in to the water.

Videos 1,2 & 3 cover the above instructions. The first two videos show the first elevator...


Trying to be Gentle with Sputnik On


Ahhh! I Can't Swim!


Ok, so the drop from the ledge in to the water in the first elevator area is a little too long to survive without further trickery. How about the second elevator area?


Elevators are for Chickens


The Shallow End of the Pool


Walkthrough of the Area


Fish Watching


The edges of this area are the typical empty walls that cause this grenade glitch.


Marine Biology


As far as I can tell... you can't shoot the fish :'(





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