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You can explore the first gondola area in Quarantine Zone by skipping a checkpoint. Avoiding the checkpoint prevents the middle cutscene from playing. This allows you to explore an entire area that is normally blocked by the cutscene trigger.

*note* I am not sure if a checkpoint needs to be avoided, or simply a loading event of some sort (in Halo 2 there are loading zones, but also other sorts of loading that seem to take place.) I consider it to be a checkpoint and so far the assumption hasn't caused me any trouble. :/

The following three movies provide directions for skipping the cutscene. This can be done on single player...


Step 1: Small Jumps

The most important thing is to avoid going into the second flaming indoor area (there are two similar looking indoor areas containing large pillars.) You should reach a small outdoor area after exiting the first room. This area should contain sentinels that continually spawn (it gets annoying.) Climb up the step-landscape to the burning crack in the wall. Go through the crack.


Step 2: Climb Down

After going through the crack in the wall, you will have avoided the second burning indoor area. I suggest climbing along the top-left for a little while before dropping down. If you drop down too early, the checkpoint *might* trigger. Honestly, I don't know if being careful here really matters, but this path is so easy to follow that I've never accidentally fallen down. Notice that there are no enemies in this movie... this means the checkpoint has not been triggered.


Step 3: Continue to the End

It says "Hold 'X' to start elevator".  Holding 'X' makes a clicking sound, but as far as I can tell, nothing happens.


The following movies & pictures show some exploration of the area.


On the Boardwalk


Improvising (8MB)

As you see in the movie, some surfaces aren't grenade friendly here.


"It's a G-G-G-Ghost Ship!"

Yeah, the ship is just there to look at. :(


<3 Spawning with Grenades

The method shown above was used to explore all three towers. Nothing found besides some nice views...


Top of Right Tower


Top of Middle Tower


Top of Left Tower


Above to Below (9MB)






"H.B.O. is my Anti-Drug™, what's yours?" 


Explore, explode, excite!


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