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The Bottom of Halo

with FrogBlast


This took me two weeks to figure out and  pull off, after I had the initial idea of turning on the light bridge AFTER getting the banshee. Hopefully, other people can complete this in a single day, following the instructions below. It's probably the most complicated trick to set up, and the easiest to actually perform (you don't even have to move while going down.) 

Skip to the bottom if you want to see the videos of getting to the bottom of Halo, and exploring the bottom. Continue reading if you would like a detailed description of how to do it. Click on the link directly below if you need help, and  would like to see movies of the steps listed below. Enjoy! :)



How to Get to the Bottom- Movies

RULE: Don't waste grenades! Never use them on enemies.

1. Warthog launch across the lightbridge gap. Set it up, and have p2 checkpoint at the entrance to the cave. p2 should have 4 plasma grenades, and p1 should have 8 grenades (one is placed underneath him so he picks it up when he throws one.) DON'T TURN ON THE LIGHTBRIDGE.

Remember: You need both warthogs all the way to the end. "Warthog launch" means that both you and the warthog make it across the gap. Warthog launches in this guide require 4 plasma, and 4 frag grenades underneath the nose of the warthog. 

2. Cross the loading zone, checkpoint, and cross back. p2 will teleport.

3. Set up another warthog launch back across the lightbridge gap. p2 should end up with 3 plasma grenades, p1 should have none. Don't launch, head back outside.

4. Gather the two fragmentation grenades from the crashed escape pod in the main area. Fill up on grenades in the rocky crash area (where there is no blue beam structure.)  The game will checkpoint right before the marines head for the pelican, keep reloading and killing all of them until both players have 8 grenades each. 

5. Have both players jump in the warthog that the pelican drops and head back out to the main area. Don't enter any other areas!

6. Lure one banshee back inside the tunnel.  If you wait in the entrance/exit hallway, a banshee will usually fly past you and down into the hallway (out of view.) This will allow the game to checkpoint, making things easier...

7. Lure the banshee down into the actual lightbridge area. Get him stuck in the pillars to the left by driving through them. Have p1 get out and walk away from the banshee. Notice that it only pays attention to p2, who is waiting in the warthog. 

8. Have p1 warthog launch back across the lightbridge gap. (This is where that checkpoint in the tunnel entrace could have been very useful, since it will probably drive you crazy trying to lure a banshee all the way from the main outdoor area to the lightbridge every time you blow yourself up.) p1 should have 8 grenades after the launch, p2 should still have 8 grenades too. 

9. Have p1 turn on the lightbridge. 

10. Have p1drive out of the lightbridge area and wait in the dark U-shaped hallway (if you reach a gap in the floor, you've gone too far.) Have p2 kill himself on the banshee, and make sure the grenades don't go anywhere where you can't get them later. p1 should have 8 grenades, and p2 should spawn near p1 with no grenades. Have p2 wait there.

11. Have p1 drive back outside in the warthog.  The game should checkpoint near the tunnel entrance.

12. Have p1 drive towards the beginning of the level. When he reaches the "step," have him blast the warthog up the step using a plasma grenade and a fragmentation grenade. Position the warthog near the second step for another warthog blasting. p1 should have 6 grenades.

13. Have p2 go back into the lightbridge room and jump off the ledge to the left (killing himself.) He should spawn next to p1.

14. Have p2 kill p1 so that his grenades (3 plasma, 3 frag) land near, or underneath the warthog.  Have both players pick up two grenades each (1 plasma, 1 frag.)  1 plasma grenade, and 1 frag grenade should be sitting under the warthog. NOTE: Sometimes the shape of the rock near this step allows for a blast that requires no grenades underneath the warthog. Follow the next step anyway...

15. Have p2 go back to the tunnel and checkpoint while p1 waits by the warthog. After the checkpoint, have p1 toss a plasma and a frag, and blast the warthog up the 2nd step. Revert to saved, as usual, if it doesn't work out.

16. Have p1 go up and get in the warthog (p2 may be required for a boost.)  Wait approx 10-20 ft. from the step. Have p2 checkpoint in the tunnel entrance again. p1 should have zero grenades, p2 should have a plasma and a frag grenade.

17. Have p2 frag-grenade jump across the gap that would normally be jumped with a warthog in the tunnel.

18. Have p2 go back to the warthog in the lightbridge room. Pick up the grenades that were dropped when p2 was killed. Drive the warthog towards the end of the level/ exit of the lightbridge room; a checkpoint should be triggered immediately before the ramp out of the room.

The banshee should still be in this room flying around. If he sees you before you checkpoint, you might want to revert to saved and try again.

19. Have p2 catch the banshee's attention and lure him back outside, towards the beginning of the level. 

20. Lure the banshee to the left side of the pine tree near the left side of the first step. He should get stuck between the wall and the tree, the warthog should be able to slip through the space between the step and the tree. Have p2 stand on the warthog and jump up on to the step. Have p2 lure the banshee up on to the first step and get killed by the banshee while trying to reach the 2nd step. p2 should respawn next to the warthog with p1 in it.

21. Have p2 run forward, towards the beginning of the level, and towards the left rock wall. The banshee SHOULD catch sight of p1 in the warthog and begin to approach. Have p2 wait by the wall and/or hide. Have p1 lure the approaching banshee between the two big rocks down the hill. The idea is to get the banshee stuck, but keep his attention on p1. 

22. Have p2 go down to the 1st step and gather his grenades. p2 should have 8 grenades.  Have p2 get in the warthog parked near the step and drive down to the tunnel entrance. Now have p1 drive the warthog away from the banshee and get out of sight of the banshee. Have p2 go into the tunnel entrance and checkpoint. p1 can now drive back to the banshee...

23. Have p1 lure the banshee down to the river, and get in the position shown in the first image below. The banshee should be pushing against the warthog's right side on the last step before the waterfall. The warthog should rest against the banshee, and not move. The warthog should not be pointing up or down, but rather seem to be resting on it's side with the driver-side up.

24. Have p2 drive all the way back to the loading zone and get in position. Have p1 drive full-force forward, with his aimer positioned for a right turn; if done correctly, the banshee and the hog should still remain "stuck."  While p1 is in this position, have p2 drive through the loading zone, and then drive QUICKLY back through the loading zone. The banshee can turn in the period of time it takes to cross the loading zone and then cross back, so be quick.  After this is done, the banshee AI will be disabled!

25. You can have p2 drive back through the loading zone and checkpoint in the tunnel entrance, if desired. Have p1 and p2 set up for a warthog launch back over the lightbridge gap. There's should be a plasma grenade sitting near the pillars where the banshee killed p2. Have p1 pick up the extra plasma grenade.  Take p1 back to the loading zone again to checkpoint...

26. Cross the loading zone with p1, send p2 up to checkpoint, and position p1 at the edge of the loading zone.  This allows p1 to cross through the loading zone quickly after reverting to saved after failed warthog launches.

27. Warthog launch across the gap using p1 (who has the plasma grenade.) After the launch, kill p2, spawn p2, and have him get in the warthog. Both players should have zero grenades.

28. Head back to the beginning of the level, you will checkpoint near the tunnel entrance/exit. There should be at least 4 frag grenades in the area (3 on the structure, 1 near the escape pod at the beginning.) Hopefully there will be at least 4 plasma grenades on the ground in this area, but you are in ok shape if you can find just one plasma grenade somewhere. If not, try editing the above steps so that you end up with a total of 5 grenades at this point.

29. Follow the method shown above (steps 12 through 16) for blasting the warthog up the steps and checkpointing. Grenade counts might be different, but 2 grenades for the first step, and at least 3 for the second step should be fine. (I bet you can do this with only 2 or 3 grenades if you try really hard or get lucky.)

30. Now you should be all set! Hopefully the banshee is in position (due to steps 23 and 24) and you can push it down the final step of the waterfall by driving the hog into it, and then driving full-force to the right. 

If the banshee gets pushed down low enough by the warthog, it should continue to descend slowly. Ride it down and you're there!


Movie: Step 24


Movie: The Push


Movie: Going Down


Movie: The Bottom of Halo


Movie: Banshee at the Bottom

(Strangely enough, the other banshee lost it's pilot during the beginning banshee sequence of the level. I assume it would have ended up here too.)


Movie: Barriers at the Bottom


Movie: Look at That Sky!


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Been Mawed for mentioning that the lightbridge switch didn't work.

pete_the_duck for his warthog jumping technique

RG for using checkpoints to get grenades from marines

anyone else who contributed to "bottom of halo" ideas on the HBO forum.


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