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Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column




Exploring the weirdest vehicles in Halo...


The following movies show some new tricks and discoveries and some old ones. Many of the new ones are "combination tricks." They involve things such as crossing loading zones, crossing banshee trigger zones, object overloading and vehicle grenade jumping.

Object overloading is done using co-op mode, and killing one of the players again and again,  until the number of dropped weapons "overloads" the game. It can cause enemies to vanish, weapons to stop firing... and if you cross a loading zone, it can cause scenery to disappear.

Some of the movies below show banshees that had their pilots removed using object overloading and/or loading zones.

The movies below also provide information about how banshees work in the game.  They can't all be flown, they aren't all able to be destroyed, and they don't always have a closed hatch when they should have one.



Movie: Run Away!

The first set of banshees you encounter will only hang around for a limited amt. of time. They will leave early if you pass a certain point, or if you blow one of them up.


Movie: Gotchu

So how do you experiment with a banshee that won't hang around for very long? Answer: Get it stuck in some rocks (duh.) This is an excellent location, but trapping the banshee by luring it into the rocks takes patience. If you don't manage to trap one before time runs out, revert to saved and try again.


Movie: Who Forgot to Feed the Space Monster?

This movie shows the result of trapping the banshee, leaving, crossing the loading zone (to "Reunion Tour") and returning.  The pilot is dead, but the banshee cannot be entered.


Movie: Spawn v.tr.

The banshees in the second part of level two will spawn after one of the three areas is completed. The pilots spawn far outside of the banshees and then "warp" into them. 


Movie: No Pilot, No Fly

Using an object overload from the first part of the level, before the loading zone, the pilots of the 2nd pair of  banshees were prevented from spawning. The banshees were reached using a warthog grenade jump.  They cannot be entered either (even when an Elite has never touched them.) 


Movie: When Crossing Zone, Don't Forget Brain

Crossing this loading zone when a banshee doesn't have his sights set on you will "remove his AI." If you do this when he isn't at full throttle, then you can slide him around easily.


Movie: A Quick Entrance

A close-up of triggering a banshee pilot to spawn. If the banshee were flipped, he would appear standing on top of it.


Movie: Nobody Home

The closed hatch banshee was a result of jumping down the cliff wall, grabbing the two banshees past the loading zone (#2 & #3) and bringing them back through the loading zone. Then bringing #3 to the very beginning of the level. After that I went down to the ground using the elevator (triggering the enemies us usual) and then I flew banshee #2 low to the ground triggering enemies as I went, but not killing any of them.  I went all the way to where the #3 banshee had been located (on the ground in the pipe area.) I returned yet again through the loading zone; and the result was the closed hatch banshee and several elites with their "AI removed." If you look very carefully, you can see the closed hatch banshee falling to the ground.

Is all of this required? Maybe not,  but it worked.


Movie: The 6th Banshee

Just five banshees in AotCR? Not if you are playing on the harder difficulty levels...   This banshee spawns with pilot as soon as you approach the first bridge area.  So how do explorers and vehicle collectors get their hands on it? ...


Movie: A New Way Down From the Bridge

The pilot was removed  using object overload, the loading zone after the bridge, and some careful timing (to make it land on the bridge.) Notice another closed hatch!


Movie: Banshees Get a 1-Up

Four banshees in the first part of AotCR on harder difficulty.


Movie: Return of the Level Two Banshee

Level two isn't the only level with banshees that can't be flown by the player. This un-flyable banshee was one of the three that attacks the player in the large pillar/tower area.  I assume that these three banshees spawn with pilots that enter them immediately. This isn't one of the banshees located on the ground, or on top of the tower.

Yes... that's right... you can't fly this banshee in a level where banshees can be flown.


Movie: Spec Ops Gets All the Good Stuff

The banshees at the end of keyes can be flown for a short period of time if you reach them quickly enough.  They are fast, invincible, and can go through walls. Their tail fins also move left and right...


Movie: Crashed... at 527m

Banshees that can't reach the ground in time can at least be used to measure the distance to the ground. 


Movie: Blast From the Past

Ending things on a strange note:  The last banshees in the game are different than the others. These banshees have open hatches.  



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