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Seventh Column




Four Player Multiplayer Exploration

Climbing players to try and get out of the maps...


Climbing out of sidewinder.


climbing out of damnation.

On top of damnation.


Movie:  Getting the First Player on Top

Movie: Getting the Last Player on Top


Checking to see if climbing out of longest is possible.

The plasma grenade indicates a barrier.


In the window on Prisoner.


In the window on hang 'em high.


Checking out the sky on Derelict.


In the window on wizard.


Trying to climb out of battle creek... and finding the same barrier...


Conclusion:  Sidewinder, Blood Gulch and Damnation are maps that the player can climb out of.  Boarding action is a possibility, but the distance to the top is very large.  I was unable to find a "top" that the player can walk on in the remaining maps.


(It would also be fair to mention that Cal was, as far as I know, the first person to provide step-by-step instructions of getting out of damnation.  The instructions were not used in this exploration... but he did document the method back in January.)


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