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Halo Exploration #3: Vehicle Jumping

...pushing the limits of grenade jumping....  a breakthrough in Halo exploration.






pete_the_duck writes:

The clearest clue to how it's done is seen in the Truth and Reconciliation series. The airborn Shade isn't there just for fun (well, it wasn't at first anyway). Both tricks involve a form of Vehicle jumping..oh..here's where it becomes unreasonably complicated and difficult..you'll need to be in coop for both of these

For Halo: You'll want to park your Warthog at the intersection of the 3 arms of the river. There's a large rock there on the side of the cliff overhang..place the Warthog so the front edge is on the rock and the rear is facing the cliff you want to land on.
Now you'll want to drop a good dozen grenades directly in front of the Warthog (they'll all fall in line against the rock). Now, get a plasma grenade and stand at the Warthog's side. Trigger a checkpoint with another player while you're in this position because you'll have to do this a whole lot.
Throw a grenade underneith the center of the Warthog. You'll have 1.5-2 seconds to run to the back of the Warthog (get about another Warthog's distance), then leap towards the Warthog in such a way that you're midair when the grenade goes off. The Warthog will lift slightly into the air for a moment before the rest of the grenades detonate..this is when you have to try and press X to grab a seat at the gun.
Now, one of three things will happen. If you're really lucky, you'll find yourself seated comfortably at the gun while the Warthog flies through the air and lands on top of the cliff. Less likely, but still possible, you'll find yourself above the Warthog when it gains it's incredible upwards velocity. This will catapolt you into the air, where you have a good chance of making it to the cliff if you don't go too low or too high. Lastly, and most likely, you'll just get blown up and die.
You'll need alot of patience for this (especially if you're trying to get the Warthog up with you)..but it's possible

The second trick, Truth and Reconciliation, is pretty similar. In the first area there are two Shades..take the closest one and push it towards the higher ground on the left (park it a slight distance from the cliff)..and proceed to put, oh..maybe 20 grenades under it. Save one plasma grenade and stick it in your pocket for later.
Next, run up onto the higher ground, get a coop buddy up there..jump on his head..and then jump onto the highest ledge..position yourself so you're looking down, directly above the Shade. Send your buddy off to trigger a checkpoint while you're in this position.
Now, practice a bit throwing the grenade in various locations and seeing how the Shade reacts. You'll want to find a spot that you can throw the grenade to that will have it fly almost directly up. Next, toss the grenade there and give yourself a moment to pause before jumping into the path the Shade will take (a plasma grenade takes roughly the same amount of time to detonate as a Sniper rifle takes to reload, if you need any help). You'll want to do this just as the grenade goes off.
Since there's no chance of hitching a ride in the Shade's seat (You can only be prompted to 'Press X to flip..'), you'll have to use it's incredible upward force to throw you into the sky. Think of it like a catapolt.


Warthog Position.


Grenades against rock.


Movie: Grenade Jumping... to the Extreme


On top in the previously unexplored area...


Off the map...


Watching the covenant dropship, and shooting banshees from up high...


if you kill all the marines at the perfect moment,  the dropship aliens will freeze, and won't react to you...


Movie:  Weird Half-Way Frozen Covenant


'splodin' the frozen grunts...

smacking the frozen elite...


Various pictures from up top...


At the top of another waterfall.


Sniping from up high.


Movie: Another Hog on Top!


Two hogs on top.


Long distances, on top of Halo.


...extra, extra....


Movie: A little too High...


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