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Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column




Library Exploration: Climbing Back Down

with FrogBlast


Anyone who has tried this might have noticed that the game kills you as soon as you try to drop down in the main chamber.  However, if one of the players doesn't move from the "elevator,"  the other player is free to drop down to the lower levels and explore.  -FrogBlast


Pick up the overshield on the first floor. Stay shielded.


Movie:  Drop from the Second to First Floor


On the first floor, jumped from the second.


The sentinels that decide to drop by.


Strange blue doorways.


Plasma grenade sticking to the doorway.


Strange rifle sitting right in front of the door.  Ammo: 6 Clip: 9.


No fog, and frozen flood on the bottom.


Movie: Drop from the Third to Second Floor


Frozen Flood on the Second Floor.  Creepy.


Say cheeeese.


Guns where arms used to be...


Movie:  Frozen Flood on Second Floor (slightly larger 4.5MB Mov)


Movie: Drop from Fourth to Third Floor


On the third floor from the fourth floor. Nothing much here but some random weapons...


Pistol lying around.


Needler lying around...


...and, last but not least, a fragmentation grenade in front of the door.


Update: Dropping to the Bottom using the overshield...



Movie:  The Bottom of the Library



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