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Mapping Silent Cartographer

with FrogBlast 


The Gray square is the "ground" level.

The green octagon is the water level.

The white square is inside the invisible barrier.


The pictures below show the mapping process...  look VERY carefully for the green arrow...


One players stands under the hog. The other player grabs some plasma grenades, the other hog, and heads for the water...


The player needs to push himself through the invisible barrier.

To do this, he must make a little space between the hog and the invisible wall. Then he should toss a plasma grenade on the back of the hog and use the explosion to push the hog. The hog will push the player through the wall.


Measurement of the distance from the invisible barrier corner to the beach. 

Distance: 795.7m


Measuring the amt. of time it takes to get from the invisible barrier to the edge of the water... from the barrier corner. Looking up helps with the frame rate.


Time: 7min 30 seconds


The barrier corner seems to be in line with the water corner.


Wider-than-90degree water corner


sun shows up even without water...


backing up... in line with the corner and the island...


Time: 2 min 45 seconds


This corner also seems to be in line, but more of a 90 degree angle.


Distance to outer corner from beach: 004Km


Distance from water corner to beach: 003Km


The water crosses over the outer border!

Walking along.... looking back...


A water corner beyond the outer border.


What follows is walking along the edge of the outer border... look at the second player screen to gain some perspective and try to spot the green arrow. Remember the player's camera distorts lines near its edges.



Looking in the direction of where I began.


Measuring the approx. distance from beach to beach on the island. I think that says 453.2m...


Now- counting the number of corners in the invisible barrier.









So there you have it.  I count four invisible barrier corners, four outer barrier corners, and eight water corners. All of the corners appear to be in line with each other. My approximate guess for the size of the map, from outer corner to outer corner is 8 to 9Km.


General "thanks" to xbill (specifically for this trick discussion) and the HBO forum for info on the barrier shape.


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