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Seventh Column





Climbing to the Top of the Maw

with FrogBlast


Covenant Elite writes

Well, I've been exploring the MAW, and thus far most of those bridges I've looked at don't have anything. However there are about three left to look at. They don't have anything that goes up high enough to park a warthog near, or just grenade jump up to. So I figure, two warthogs might be needed to reach them. I have also gotten extremely close to the top of the Pillar Of Autumn, it might be possible with a litle bit more work. First grenade jump off a warthog to the really tall bridge. Then stand on your partners head, after he respawns, then jump from there to the top of the bridge railing... Kill your buddy until he appears up there with you. Then do another Grenade jump to try and get up there. I don't know if you could ever get up there, but someone who knows exploration really well (Frogblast) might be able to pull it off. Might even help to get a warthog up there wit' you :)


On one of the bridges trying to figure things out...


Movie: The First Step


Movie: Using the Jeep For a Boost


Movie: Getting on Top


On top of the Maw.


Movie:  Climbing off the Map


Spawning off the map


and the timer counts down...

and I get farther and farther away...

...there's nothing at that Nav point!?


The Jeep on top of the Maw.


Update:  Driving a Jeep on top of the Maw...


Movie: Launching the Jeep


On top, with the jeep.


Movie: Driving on Top of the Maw


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