Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column



Climbing Down the Security Room Shaft

trick by Legolas


adding a few jeeps to the bottom for later...

squeezing through the doors.


trying to send a jeep to the right spot.




getting farther and farther...


the jeep, waiting for me.


it's a long way up


now,  what to do with the jeep...?


a very long drop to the bottom.


Legolas writes:

found this out with my brother today, and I am almost positive that NOBODY has done this before.


1: Go to the place where you unlock the security system.

2: Keep going forward and you will be on an edge and you can see down where there are a whole bunch of for shaped platforms jutting out of the wall ahead of you.

3: One person goes and gets the over shield outside of the cavern (when you go outside there are 3 of them by a purple thing).

4: The person with the over shield FALLS (NOT JUMPS) down onto the first fork shaped platform and before they land they hit duck (not too early, not too late) and they should be alive.

5: The other person just kills themself/jumps off so they respawn on the same platform as the other player.

6: Go up towards the wall that the platform is connected to and if you look down and to the right of the platform you can see where there is a light and another TINY platform along the wall.

7: One person jumps down to this little platform while hugging the wall and using the duck technique (should lose all shield and 3 health bars).

8: The other player kills themself and respawns with the player.

9: Now jump from this little platform to the next fork shaped platform, using the wall hugging and ducking technique (should only lose shield, person with full life who respawned should do this)

10: Now just keep going down, little platform, to fork platform, etc, etc.

11: At the last fork platform go to the very edge of it/middle of pit and fall down on to the BIG platform below it using duck technique.

12: You are as low as you can go on this VERY big platform and if you jump off and watch yourself die you can make out the very bottom of the pit... but you can't get down, or at least I don't think, but I will keep trying.

I don't have pics but I would be VERY grateful, and of course give you credit, if someone could do this and send the pics to pd_tothemax@hotmail.com

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