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Seventh Column





Exploration of AotCR Sky

One Banshee... Two Players...

with FrogBlast



Ok, so the plan was to ride a banshee to the top of AotCR. It would require careful coordination, since I didn't have a second player. The method is shown in the movie below...


Movie: Riding the Banshee Tail Fin


When reaching the top, the banshee would usually stop, and the player on top of the banshee would usually fall as a result in the sudden change in movement... To fix this, the 2nd player  would need to be in a better position...


Movie: Slower... But More Comfortable...


The second position of player 2 worked out perfectly (he didn't fall to his death when we reached the top.) The short movie below shows two players and one banshee at the top of AotCR. 


Movie: Hitting the AotCR Sky with an Assault Rifle 


This seemed like a good place for some graffiti...


Movie: Halo.Bungie.Org Graffiti Tribute


And finally,  the player who did all the dangerous work gets to ride back down...


Movie: High Altitude Pilot Swap 



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