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End of 343 Guilty Spark Exploration

with FrogBlast and oonothing


The first movie shows getting on top of the level in the second outdoor area.  You can also grenade jump onto the rock, or you can actually run up the side of the rock where it meets the hillside (no player boost required.)  Running up the side requires a running start and some jump-crouching.

(pete_the_duck showed pictures of getting on top of this part of halo 5/14/02. They can be found in the HBO trick section here.)

The second movie shows climbing up 343 Guilty Spark's tower at the end of the level.  The cutscene trigger was bypassed by climbing on top of the level (as shown in the first movie,) and over to the tower area.  It is an awkward climb and requires some careful player positioning.  By the way...  we checked all four platforms/pipes, and there wasn't anything up there.

The third movie is a blooper, showing a jumping position that we eventually gave up on.



Movie: The Good Rock


Movie: Nice Place You've Got Here, 343


extra: a blooper from earlier attempts...


Movie: Sometimes It's Frustrating... 


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