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Two Betrayals Bridge Door Exploration

with FrogBlast

(inspired by willie's odd "halo- places your not supposed to be" Post)


Using vehicles to get into doors is best shown here:


It isn't a door, but you can use the same technique to get through doors. 




Inside the Halls on the Far Side of the Double Bridge:


The setup for getting through the locked doors: 

Back the banshee up as fast as you can, and press X.  You might pop through the door.


On the other side... with a shotgun.


Both players in the hallway,  luckily, the door is green.


Structures,  same as AotCR... but with something missing visually..


Oh boy,  a working elevator!


Ground floor. It's all here.


Trying to bust the lock.



Checking out the Hall Below the Double Bridge:


Getting to the other side using the ghost.


Hmmm.... what happened to the other side?  I was just there!

(black wall shown here originally noticed by Legolas)



Inside the Halls on the Near Side of the Double Bridge:


What is that!

It's a sideways door... !?!?!?


No pink fog, no pretty lights...


Messing with the sideways door...  can't stop myself...  too freaky...

Say cheeeese.


Shields... they haven't been removed...


The beginning of Assault on the Control Room...  in Two Betrayals...


Ok,  here is where I would have included a movie of the doors opening and closing....

But I can't work with simple text movies...

So here's a still sequence of the door opening...

They open normally.


Heading back out of this area... notice the colors...


Agh! Trapped.




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