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Green and Red Panels in Assault on the Control Room

with FrogBlast and oonothing


Coconut Boy writes:

I was playing co-op with my friend, I was in the last outdoor area, and there were still a few enemies alive. Meanwhile my friend was walking through the hallway towards the exit, suddenly all of the snow covered mountains had a green and red gradient pillars on them almost as if it was christmas time on halo. I don't think this has ever been documented before, but if i come across it again i'll be sure to upload pics.


This isn't quite the same as the glitch described above. Play through the level normally.  Bring both players inside to the hallway before the control room. Now send one player outside while one player watches the control panels. If the player inside notices the lights flicker, or the control panels change color while the other player is moving around outside, then you've found the glitch.  It isn't always in the same place, and it doesn't always work. The position of the player outside and the direction of his camera are very important.



Movie: Crazy Colors


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