Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column



Getting Out of the Maw

Out of the Pillar of Autumn... Again...



Ok what you do is go into co-op and pick the maw, once you've started the level go down to where you first see the little flood coming up the later, kill them and then go down the ladder,once your down look to your left, you should see two barrels with fire behind them, first kill the sentinels on your right befor doing what is next, then go back to the 2 barrels have on player jump behing them, then have the other player jump on the others head and kill him, onceyour in the fire with only one player alive, when the other player respawns the player that respawned should either do these things, 1 nothing happen but respawn, 2 fall out of the level, 3 respawn inside of one of the barrels, 4 have is head poped up through the celling(note: cant do anything if in the celing) 5 be respawned on top of the walls just like in the cryo tube exploration. Once your on the walls have the other player quickly get out of the fire and find a checkpoint, because if the player dosent that player will die in the fire and will not respawn until the player falls back into the poa. so try it please I know it works. oh and a little side note is that you will only get on the walls every...oh say about 1 out of 100 times.I could mail in the proof but I just dont know where to.


Movie: It Burns! It Burns!


Movie: Moving Around On Top



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