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Unlimited Ammo in Single Player

...in guns with clips


Ichiry writes:

it only works on weapons with clips, so this exclused the shotgun, plasma rifle and plasma pistol, what u do, is have atleast 1 shot left in the clip on any of the weapons that have clips, then what u do is simple, u walk over to another weapon on the ground, press x to reload your weapon, and when he starts reloading, hold x and he'll throw the reloading gun on the ground, you can still hear it bieng reloaded, when its finished, walk over to it and pick it back up again, it'll have the same number left in the clips as when u threw it down but now it has a full clip, it was a pretty nifty little thing to do when ure just screw'n around, not much time to do it in legendary tho, have fun, and if anyone records it, i wouldnt mind a little recognition


This seemed like it was really working. You have to wait a couple second to let the gun reload fully.  If you don't wait long enough then the clips will gradually reduce in number. If you don't wait at all to pick up the gun, then it won't reload at all. 

Also-  this is a co-op movie, but it works just as well in single player. 



Movie: Ten Clips 4EVR


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