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Seventh Column



Crazy Banshee

with FrogBlast


brad writes:

On level five you can get ulimited ammo in multiplayer.To do so get to the under ground tunel and to the loading point have one player reload and the other go through the loading point while the other player is reloading now the player who reloaded will have unlimited ammo for that gun but if you change guns or press the x button you will lose your unlimited ammo but you can go back and do the trick again.both players can have unlimited ammo at the same time.The loading point under ground were you do the frozen marine trick is the only loading point you can get ulimited ammo at.Me and my friend both had unlimited ammo for are rocket lanchers and blew the shit out of evey thing.


StormSinger writes:

Has anyone mentioned that if you're using active cammo, when you perform that infinite ammo trick in AotCR, you stay cloaked?
I've been playing cloaked for about 30 minutes now,...I'd say it was the same as the ammo, cloaked 'til ya croak.


brad writes:

When your invisable if you go where banshees are they,ll start trying to run over the other covenant.


Movie: Banshee Pilots Are Mean



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