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Getting On Top of Damnation Under Normal Conditions

with FrogBlast and oonothing


HardcoreHalo writes:

Many people have gotten on top of damnation, but it was the result of overly comlicated manuevers requirng may people/power ups/or 400% health, which had no real multiplayer potential. However I have found a way to the top with very little effort involved. You need only two things, a partner and a rocket. Go to the pipe that overhangs the room with the snipe rifle, have your partner stand at the end of the pipe against the wall. Get on top of him, jump, and shoot a rocket at the pipe a little ways in front of your partner. You will be propelled up to a terrace, that is not actually the top. Jump over the pipe (You should be able to have blue, or at least yellow heath left)and walk staight forward, dont worry about going of the edge, there is an invsible wall. Stand in the corner between the invisible wall and the sloping wall. Throw a plasma grenade about a couple feet in front of you, count to three, jump and hold back on the stick and voila! It may sound more coplicated than I originally said, but trust me, after you've done it, its easy every other time. And on top there are literally hundreds of spots in which to frustrate, and baffle your opponents.


Movie: Playing with Explosives


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