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Gary, the Trigger Happy Marine


pete_the_duck writes:

I was playing around with this "trick" a good while ago, but I've never been able to capture decent video, so I never posted it. Anyways, it's pretty funny, and can be used for alot of interesting things ;).

On the Silent Cartographer, get a Warthog and plop two marines in that sucker. Then drive right through the map facility (do NOT kill the enemies. You need them. In fact, I would do this on Legendary difficulty if I were you).

When you drive the Warthog down the interior incline that leads to the smaller passage that leads to the door that locks, position the Warthog so it's facing the smaller passage entrance. Then hop out, and walk down towards where the loading point is.

What you want to do here is time the marines shooting at the Covenant that are at the top of the incline with the loading point. If you pass over when they're firing their guns, they won't stop.

So now you have two marines (hopefully) that are firing continously. It's kind of fun to watch them, they always face the same direction. Even the passenger can be told to get out, and will keep firing (although periodically reloading). Watch the ammo shells add up..

If the Warthog is facing the underground tunnel, you can use a combination of grenades and rockets to knock it (hopefully) close enough down that you can jump in and take them for a ride. But you can't go very far up the ramp or you'll hit the loading point again, and they'll stop firing.


I actually had a hard time getting the warthog down without killing Gary.  So I backed it up into the tunnel and lured a hunter down there to draw their fire. This required co-op... but it seemed easier.



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