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Trying to Get to the Bottom of Halo

a new approach


The Idea:

Fly a banshee in the level "Halo" by keeping it in a "closed" state, without a pilot present. 

It would look like this...


The Plan (Co-op, Level 2):

1) Trap a banshee in the rocks at the start of the level.

2) Bypass all the enemies at the beginning of the level to keep the # of enemies high.  (No warthog, as a result...)

3) Grenade jump over the warthog jump in the cave. 

[cross "strange" loading zone, and loading zone]

4) Rescue some marines in the second half of this level. Collect a Warthog and 16 grenades.

[cross loading zone]

5) Warthog Grenade Jump back across the light-bridge pit.

[cross "strange" loading zone]

6) Check the banshee.


It Begins:


Movie: Trapped


Movie: Warthog? Pshaw...


Movie: Ummm... Hey Grim, I Think We Overshot This One


Movie: Empty and Undamaged, but not Closed...



1) The closed hatch method has not been proven to work or not work.

2) This is a proven (slightly insane, but reliable) way to get a banshee pilot out of his banshee, without harming it. 


Oh well...


Tricks Used:





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