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The Hunterapult 

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pete_the_duck writes:

If you know me, you know I can't make movies worth a lick, so I'm hoping someone will be so kind as to provide documentation for this trick so it can be submitted :) (I'm also hoping, since this isn't in the archive, that this trick is new...and classifies as a trick at all)

How to get on top of Silent Cartographer in any mode, in any difficulty, with no weapons and no vehicles:

Kill one of the first pair of Hunter you stumble upon, and then lure the other one back towards the path from whence you came until you reach the first rock. There stand between him and the outer cliff. Jump just before he melees you and you'll be tossed up onto the cliff.

This'll work even on Legendary, and you won't lose any health bars (in fact, the harder the difficulty, the easier the trick is to preform. Hunters recieve an AI boost, of course, which makes them much easier to lure various places).

I'm hoping people can take advantage of this for various other stunts (like jumping up a floor on Truth & Reconciliation, or getting above the land bridge on Keyes). All things I probably shouldn't bother trying since I can't document 'em :)


This technique originally described by Chad in January as the "Hunter Jump."


Movie: Hunterapult to the Top of SC



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