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Marine Roundup in 343 Guilty Spark

Wait! Don't Shoot!

with FrogBlast


This trick works in single or co-op.  Go to the end of the level where you meet a group of marines.  Immediately run past them and go outside.  Now,  hug the left hillside/wall and run in a clockwise circle around the perimeter of this first part of the outside area.  

As you are running you will see a rock ahead of you and an area where both sides of the hillside get close to each other... going this way leads to the watery area where 343 Guilty Spark is floating around.  DON'T GO HERE.  Cross over to the other hillside before you reach the rock, and continue hugging the wall in a clockwise direction...  you should be headed back to the facility.

The first video below shows where to go as you approach the facility after completing this circle.  There should be a bunch of marines just standing around,  not doing anything. They will no longer be trying to run to the tower at the end of the level.

The second video shows an odd marine position that can be seen when a flood spore attacks a marine, and his friends prepare to open fire. (This can be seen in pete_the_duck's 343 GS exploration here or here.)

The third video just shows the general chaos that ensues when you roundup the marines and lure some flood spores into the area.



Movie: The Approach


Movie: "Stand still... I'll shoot him off..."


Movie: A Big Mess


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