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Maw Time (3/15/02 2:14 AM EST)

with FrogBlast


HBO Maw 700 Contest 1: "To get yourself to the Longsword at the end of the Maw in the shortest time possible. Provide a picture, taken from a specific location (see below), showing the greatest possible remaining time on the countdown timer. This contest will begin at midnight UTC on March 1, 2002, and submissions will be accepted until midnight UTC on March 15, 20o2."


Final Maw Time


The Following is a series of four small videos showing the path taken.  These are pieced together from three separate runs. Included is text from forum discussion and other important influences. 

HUGE *SPOILER* if you haven't played the last level in the game.


Movie: Beginning to First Shortcut

Louis Wu wrote: You CAN save a couple of seconds by running to the outside one. You can actually be moving up the hill before the timer kicks in - when I picked up an inside one, the timer would kick in after I left the bay, but before I left the room. Should be useful for those looking to eke out those extra seconds...  :) ...

Patroclus wrote: Actually, with a well-placed grenade toss, you can flip the warthog upright and bring it closer to you. This lets you get almost to the top of the hill before the timer starts....The rocket launcher can work too but it's a much less dependable shot since it tends to move the hog away from you.


Movie: First Shortcut to Intermission

(Watch me screw up. In the "Final Maw Time" run I reached the intermission around 3:57:??.  This video is a few seconds slower...)

NthDegree256 wrote: ...They ARE shortcuts, but only if you enter and exit them perfectly, and even then they only provide a couple seconds extra. Still, if you're gunning for the Maw 700, they can be valuable. ...The current record (currently held by me) can be found on the Maw 700 page. The only tips I can think of at the moment are to avoid the ramps in the center whenever possible (going around them is usually faster) and, of course, to ignore Cortana and barrel straight on ahead past the Foehammer scene. 


Movie: Intermission to Big Drop Area

Team 7hr33 showed how to clear the big drop in style waaay back in the day.  I know that's where I learned how to do it. Find the video in their antics section at: 7hr33.


Movie: Big Drop Area to the End

NthDegree256 introduced the use of a jeep in this post.


...extra movie...


Blooper Movie: Stuck in Barrel



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