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Triggering Two Pelicans in Halo

with FrogBlast


Team Overkill writes:

Speaking of doing 2 things as once...we had come up with a lil idea that we never tried. We're pretty sure it would be possible. On the second level (Halo) would could you, in co-op, send each player to a different area where you save marines. Then kill all the enemies in the area, except for 1. Then at the same time have both players kill the last enemy in each area. This should trigger the pelcian to come in to pick up the marines in the area. But since you triggered it with 2 players, there should be one pelican flying in one area and the same pelican flying in another. We don't think anything funky will happen (theres no cut scenes right?), but you never know. We figure it might be easiest to do this by killing all but one marine (so they dont kill the enemy for you and so the pelican still comes) and on easy (just easier).


oldmano'theC writes:

well, i'm not Master FB, but my son & i did your trick and two Pelicans arrived, pretty much what we exoected. no overlapping audio, as i recall, nor any other unusual effects. it was some time ago, didn't seem significant enough to be a trick, so i didn't post about it, just the two ships arriving as usual, but simultaneously. this was not the final rescue area(s), though, so it might be different to do it after clearing one area first, then hanging out in separate areas to see which endscene "wins."


The result of triggering two pelicans at the same time after triggering one pelican already is shown below. The Nav points overlap, the warthog never comes off, and the cutscene is triggered normally (either by pressing X or waiting.)



Movie: Pelican Overkill


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