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The Sniper Rifle... In Search of the Hippo

After Matt's message: "You're close. But the hippo is not on the grenades."  We thought the hippo might be on the sniper rifle, because it was involved in the plasma grenade pictures.  We took some pictures...


You can't tell from the picture but it looks like there is a hippo face there.


It looks a lot like a pencil sketch of this hippo face.

Get a mental picture of this hippo face and then look at the following pictures... the image quality is low... 


The eyes and ear are on the upper left hand side. The nostrils are near the middle. The hippo's chin/mouth is the faint line near the bottom of the green window.


We suggest you try it for yourself.  You will notice that it's hard to get a good angle without the rifle barrel "dissapearing".  Remember to look at it from the front of the sniper rifle like we do in the pictures so the hippo is right-side up.  And remember the picture of a real hippo we included here on the site... the hippo on the underside of the sniper rifle barrel is facing the same way.  NOTE: a sniper who is sitting in the warthog will not have a dissapearing barrel.


Some of you might be thinking, "But Matt, whether you call it a 'proximity mine' or a 'wall-hugging hippo' doeesn't matter because it's not in the game, you lying bastard." To which I say: they may not hug walls anymore, but they're still in the game (thanks again to Robt.), and they're still extremely lethal. But you'll need excellent vision and a really nice TV to spot them. 



...an attempt to explain just what it is that I am talking about...


The Sniper Rifle is the perfect place for a hippo.
  • It is lethal.
  • You need a good TV and eyesight to see this image
  • Everyone is busy using the sniper rifle to spot hippos.
  • It has never been suggested that a hippo could be seen on the sniper rifle, in any specific way.
  • It is a weapon:  'Getting warmer. -Matt'
  • Robt did all the design for the Sniper Rifle
  • This possible hippo image is just a texture/picture on a weapon... just like the original implementation of the hippo on mines.
  • It's hard to get a good view of the rifle barrel without it dissapearing.


I almost posted a clue on Sunday, but I thought you guys were on the verge of figuring it out. Besides, I didn't think my clue was enigmatic enough. ;-)

Keep looking...some of you have the right idea.



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