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Shade Jumping to the Top of 343 Guilty Spark

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pete_the_duck explained this method a long time ago:

The second trick, Truth and Reconciliation, is pretty similar. In the first area there are two Shades..take the closest one and push it towards the higher ground on the left (park it a slight distance from the cliff)..and proceed to put, oh..maybe 20 grenades under it. Save one plasma grenade and stick it in your pocket for later.
Next, run up onto the higher ground, get a coop buddy up there..jump on his head..and then jump onto the highest ledge..position yourself so you're looking down, directly above the Shade. Send your buddy off to trigger a checkpoint while you're in this position.
Now, practice a bit throwing the grenade in various locations and seeing how the Shade reacts. You'll want to find a spot that you can throw the grenade to that will have it fly almost directly up. Next, toss the grenade there and give yourself a moment to pause before jumping into the path the Shade will take (a plasma grenade takes roughly the same amount of time to detonate as a Sniper rifle takes to reload, if you need any help). You'll want to do this just as the grenade goes off.
Since there's no chance of hitching a ride in the Shade's seat (You can only be prompted to 'Press X to flip..'), you'll have to use it's incredible upward force to throw you into the sky. Think of it like a catapolt.


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