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The Shotgun... In Search of the Hippo

We thought the hippo might be on the shells of the shotgun,  We took some pictures...



Nice work, FrogBlast. :-) And after so many Bungie people told me no one would ever see it and I was a sadistic bastard for making people look.

It's a little easier to see when viewed through the sniper rifle zoom. I may post the art plate if I can figure out an easy way of hosting it.




Wall-Hugging Hippos Abound... Posted by Sonicstorm at 18:32 PST 

Well, maybe not wall-hugging anymore, but the hippos are still here. If you've been following the frantic search in the HBO forums for the elusive hippo hidden somewhere in Halo, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Frogblast finally located the hippo, turns out it was on the shells of the Shotgun. Matt Soell was kind enough to send over a clean render of a shell today, so take a looksee:

Congratulations to Frogblast on the find!

Posted at Battleground: Halo 



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