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Speedy Banshees in Keyes


CanadianMonk3y writes

In the second Rescue Capt. Keyes level, (9), if you get in the banshee at the end of the level before cortana starts talking, it is invincible and it goes super fast... Unfortunately, it ends shortly after cortana tells you to jack one... Oh, did I mention that they can travel through walls?

You start on the third floor when the banshees come in to land... You have to run to the right and wait for them to start lowering down. When they are about at your height, you have to jump out, and use their angled surface to break your fall... You can get in and fly for about five seconds before you have to load the checkpoint or it loads the next level.


Movie: Speedy Ghost-Like Banshee


(Sorry for the digital camera... I was sick in bed...)


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