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Door Glitch on Two Betrayals

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Rum'gor writes:

(I took a quick look through the Tips and Tricks section and I didnít see this one, so maybe itís new. If not, sorry for the redundancy.)

I discovered this by mistake this morning while playing Two Betrayals on Legendary. Just to verify that difficulty level doesnít matter, I also successfully did this on Easy mode.

Start the level normally, kill the sentinels, and then clean out the first big room. The trick hinges on how you open the door to the outside (the third switch you have to press in the level). Unlike the other switches, for some reason this switch can be pressed multiple times. If you hit the switch twice in rapid succession, youíll hear the ka-chunk of the switch activating twice and the door will remain closed.

Hereís the crucial bit: you have to hit the switch to open the door, then hit it again at the right time so that the door opens, but the game thinks that it is still closed (thatís my interpretation anyway). The right timing for the second click seems to be right after the lights on the switch stop animating. Make sure youíve hit the switch an EVEN number of times. Now youíll have to kill a few baddies right outside the door, but fewer than normal (I think that the grunts donít appear when you do this).

From this point on, the level is completely devoid of enemies. You can walk down the pyramid, and hop in a Banshee, fly to the first power generator (the room is empty and the power seems to be off). I donít see any way to continue through the level at this point since the door you need to go through on the land bridge is locked. You can, however, walk back to the ďmagic switchĒ and hit it another time and all the enemies will spawn and you can play through the level normally.

It might take you a few tries, but it works. I've done it several times now, so it wasn't just a one-time thing. Hopefully one of you kind souls can replicate my results and back me up on this.

Fun fun fun. :)

I havenít tried this in a co-op game yet, but maybe Iíll do that later on when my cohorts get off work.


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