Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

Strange, Odd, Weird

Seventh Column



Telefrag Jumping

hoggin' the teleporter


LOOK UP!~ writes

ok...we all know...blockin the teleporters is cool, right? well...try this...we all know that by standing on the teleporters it wont let them through and u can either step off and hit them in the back or get telefraged right? well...the next time youre in this predicument...simply jump up when the screen begins to turn white..when u land ull be on top of your enemy and they will be helpless for they can not move...this works really good on chill out where the invisible is...especially if u have a powerful weapon such as a shotgun therefor u can shoot them one time in the head, hehe. enjoy!~


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