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Teleporting Elite in AotCR

A movie series for a really cool trick...


CanadianMonk3y wrote

In AOTCT there is a magical teleporting elite. He is so magical that he even freezes himself sometimes as Frogblast noticed. You have to be in the third banshee of the level and go up to the bridge above the structure. (You might have to be in coop to do this...) Get out of the banshee and watch the it's back. Have your friend trigger the enemies by walking through the small tunnel and up the ramp. Once the elite who normally gets in the banshee spawns, he should teleport inside the banshee and promptly start an attempt to kill you. I found this out when playing coop with one of my friends and it would not let him respawn on the bridge when he died, so I looked to my banshee, and it was pushing against some pillars trying to get me.


Movie:  The Teleporting Elite


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Movie: Where No Living Elite Has Gone Before


Movie: Elite Banshee Switch


If you move the banshee too far towards the beginning of the level, the pilot flies into the wall and won't budge when he teleports.

Enemy Banshee at the Beginning of AotCR.



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