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Maw Elevator Glitch

i'm not getting off this ship alive

with FrogBlast and oonothing


shoos writes:

I played thru "the maw" on legendary to see if I could get the secret ending without having to complete the other levels on legendary (you can). near the end where I ran to the elevator after I destroyed all four core shields and blew up the covenant who are inexplicably there (what were they doing there anyway?), I got on the elevator... the door closed and the elevator took off...

...without me! the elevator went right thru me and I was stuck hovering at exactly the same place, I couldn't walk or anything... I was hovering right in the middle of the shaft, everything else was happening normally, cortana continued to talk to foehammer as if nothing was wrong... I was kinda panicking at the time and didn't take the time to take a pic or wait until the elevator reached the top (I was afraid that it was going to reach a checkpoint and there would be NO way for me to continue). so I lobbed a plasma grenade straight up into the air and let it stick to me.

now I regret not having taken a pic and posted it... doh.



The timer actually starts and counts down too.  We don't know what causes the glitch...  the invisible floor IS there before the elevator actually lands,  but we don't know why the player doesn't go up with the elevator.



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