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Seventh Column



Simultaneous Cutscenes

with FrogBlast


The trick here is very simple. All you have to do is trigger two cutscenes at the same time using co-op mode.  

Where in the game can you do this? The two locations shown here are the beginning of Keyes, and the shaft portion of the Silent Cartographer. Both of these areas have cutscene triggers that are not separated by loading zones. The Keyes cutscene can be reached using the Covenant Shield Jump.

The results can be very interesting.  They include what is shown in the following movies, and things not shown in the movies... such as overlapping audio, and overlapping nav-points.  Enjoy.



Movie: Which Cutscene Will Win?


Movie: Empty Ship During Cutscene


Movie: Now I Am the Camera Man!


Movie: Cutscene Chief Launch


Movie: The Other Cutscene Wins


Movie: A Shortcut to the End of SC


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