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Strange Bodies in 343 Guilty Spark

covenant up a tree

with FrogBlast


Ok,  this needs some explaining.

Normally, at the beginning of 343 GS,  you don't see any dead marines on the ground near the entrance to the facility. You also don't see any dead covenant in the tree near the crash site. However,  if you cross the loading zone in the elevator and come back, you will see new bodies and weapons in strange places. 

The first movie shows the areas before crossing the loading zone (it isn't anything special and doesn't need to be downloaded.)  The second and third movie show the new (dead) characters who appeared after crossing the loading zone and returning.  Look around more and you will see other things like guns in strange spots, a marine who died in an awkward position, and a grunt who got trapped in the dropship doors. 



Movie: Nothing Here Normally


Movie: Dead Marines Everywhere

Are those the marines that messed with the motion detector before?


Movie: Dead Covenant in the Tree



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