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Seventh Column




Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B Exploration #2

Getting out of the PoA in a couple seconds... continued...

with FrogBlast (and his Digital Camera Again... )

Continued from Cryo B Eploration #1


Movie: Hallway Jumping After the Loading Zone

Movie: Blooper Version 


Movie: Visiting the Covenant


Another spot where you aren't meant to be...


Walking through an armory area... almost to the bridge...


Checking out the hallway before the bridge.


More behind closed doors...


Player two runs ahead and triggers the space view...


Movie: Space


At this point, I sent player two ahead to trigger another checkpoint...  but the most horrible thing happened... he triggered the Captain cutscene instead.  That means no more outside of the map for player 1.

The cafeteria area, and space directly outside of the bridge are still unexplored... but passing through the loading zone confirmed my speculation.   

Note:  Be very careful with the loading zone. It is tricky because player 1 is in a location where player 2 cannot teleport. This results in highly unusual things...  like player 1 being captured in an infinite death animation in the light fixtures...  



Continued: Cryo B to Halo Exploration

The Path out of the Pillar of Autumn, and Touching Halo 




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