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The Bottom of Halo Redux

with FrogBlast


This is continued from "The Bottom of Halo."

If you've been following "The Bottom of Halo" up to this point, I think you had better be sitting down when you read all of this. Actually, take some tranquilizers and strap yourself to the chair. With your hands tied, use your mouth to manipulate the mouse; it will also help to keep you from biting off your own tongue when you get near the middle of this page...

The following three movies show a very odd discovery while exploring the bottom;  If you release the banshee and allow it to travel along the invisible wall to the left, it will reach an invisible corner and begin to climb!


Movie: Moving the Banshee


Movie: Going... Up!?!


Movie: From the Bottom to the Top


So why did the banshee climb up the wall?  How could I park the warthogs like that (in the third video)? How did I get from the very bottom to the very top?

Answer:  The back wall is sloped all the way from the bottom to the top of the level.

let me repeat...

The back wall is sloped all the way from the bottom to the top of the level.

When I say "top of the level,"  I don't mean the ceiling.  I mean the area that you can reach in a warthog by driving up the hillside.

When I say "sloped," I mean a slanted wall that a warthog can drive down. Such a wall can be seen in "Below the Lightbridge in Level Two."


Let's just get to it:

How to Get to the Bottom 

(movies down below)

RULE: The blue beam fires every 15 seconds. If you are not in a "safe" area,  you will be frozen.

1. You can do this in co-op or single player. Drive the warthog up the hillside where the rock meets the grass.  The warthog will move up the hill very slowly.

2. After the warthog begins to move quickly again, turn the hog to the right and head for a v-shaped part of the hillside where the hog can rest without sliding down the hill.  Look at the blue beam...

3. Eleven seconds after the blue beam fires, begin driving for the edge of the rocky area up and to the left.

Keep driving along the top of the rocky area and head for another v-shaped grassy area. The blue beam should fire, and you should freeze and begin to slide down the hill.  The beam will fire again and you will regain control of the warthog (if you slid down far enough... but not too far.) After you regain control,  drive up a little, and then over to the left and down.  There will be a large flat area where the warthog can rest and not be frozen. Watch the blue beam again.

4. Thirteen seconds after the blue beam fires, begin driving up and to the right.  The hillside will have a defined edge.  Turn left (going straight up/ out of the map) after the edge and head for the un-textured area of the map. If you get out into the un-textured area without freezing, you are in good shape.

Pay attention to the sky-scape in the background (since there's no visible barriers here.)

Turn the warthog to the left after reaching what seems to be a wall/big bumps, and head for the left side of the planet. You will hit another wall (this time it usually feels like a flat wall.. because it is.) Now turn left some more and head for the right side of the halo/ left side of the clouds.  The hog should feel like it is rubbing against the flat wall, but still going fairly fast. Keep driving till you get close to the corner.

NOTE: The corner you are looking for is approx. 513.1m from the nav point (it will actually be less when sitting in the hog.) The hog will freeze if you are in the 470's when the blue beam fires. This all means that you have to learn to stop driving at around 490m from the nav. point,  because if you cut it too long or too short,  you're in trouble. 

5. When you are close to the corner, aim the hog at the spot shown in the sixth image below. Basically, it has to be hitting nearly perpendicular to the wall, but moving to the left very slowly. Keep driving full force into the wall,  don't take your thumb off "forward" and don't change the direction.

Eventually, you will drop off the edge, and land on the slope. If you hit the edge correctly (by driving in the correct direction,)  you will land on the slope in the warthog and ride to the bottom of halo.

The end.

(Information on getting out of halo without freezing was first provided by Darkhelmet.)


Movie: Step 1


Movie: Step 2


Movie: Step 3


Movie: Step 4


Movie: The Invisible Corner and Cliff Edge


Movie: Step 5


Movie: Outside View of Step 5


Movie: The Bottom of Halo in  Single Player


Movie: Marines and Banshees at the Bottom of Halo


"Back when I was a child, we had to walk 10 miles uphill in the freezing cold to school every morning, with newspapers wrapped in barbed wire for shoes.  It was uphill coming down too..."...



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